Waterwise Distillers Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller

Waterwise Distillers Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller

There is no loss when it comes to being prepared at all times. Any purchase of items that will save you from emergency situations is a good decision. No one can foresee this kind of events that’s why it is best to always be ready. For peace of mind and sure survival during unforeseen circumstances, you should have a Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller.

What is the Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller?

The Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller is an excellent piece of equipment for any household. It is a tool that provides pure water for the whole family despite unpredictable fresh water shortage and power outage. True enough, it is a necessary item that you can already deem as an essential purchase.


This water purifier is manufactures with stainless steel that is durable and reliable. It can be used with a gas burner, wood or coal stove, hot plate, or even open fire. Even with no electricity, it can produce an amazing amount of water enough to last for days. In 72 minutes, you can be provided with 3.2 quartz making it 16 gallons of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drinking_water every day.

At only 12 x 12 inches in diameter, it is a handy tool for power outages and other emergencies. It is not noisy and is easy to clean. It is compact and lightweight at only 9 pounds and its 36-inch food grade tubing is heat resistant. It features a digital timer with an alarm that makes it easy for anyone to operate.


Because it is lightweight and compact, the use of this Waterwise Distiller is not confined in the home. You can bring it on camping and boating trips too. Traveling will be so much safer knowing that you will never run out of clean water for drinking or food preparation. As we all know, through steam, water can be purified. This is exactly the same mechanism that water in this Waterwise 1600 undergoes.

Simply by exposing the Waterwise Distiller over fire, it operates to purify. It is energy-efficient because it doesn’t require electricity. After the process, you can now have clean drinking water that is free from toxins, harmful microbes, and unnecessary minerals. With a product of 16 gallons a day, this doesn’t provide you with a few drops for a meal. It offers large volumes of water that can sustain your whole family and other members of the community when the need arises.

We’ll never know when we run out of conventional power sources. We have to purchase something for our home that will help us make sure that we can survive unfavorable circumstances. But aside from this particular benefit, we need to see to it that we drink purified water each day. There is no room for risks in today’s world. We are all at risk for drinking unsafe water. The Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller is not only needed in the face of danger, but also for our every day supply of clean drinking water.