Not Your Ordinary Portable Desalinator

Not Your Ordinary Portable Desalinator

The Need for Safe Drinking Water

Water is known as the universal solvent. But it can also be a source of water-borne diseases that are very rampant in today’s generation. We should always be aware of our health and one way to ensure our health, is by knowing if the water that we are drinking is safe or not. We should know where did it came from and what are the process that it had undertaken.

The World Health Organization sets a standard of less than 500 ppm of total dissolve solids for drinking water. So it means that in order for a water to be safe for drinking, it must pass the standard of the Our seawater, brackish water and deep well water has more than 500 ppm total dissolve solids hence, they do not pass the standards for safe drinking water

Abundance of Water

There is a great demand for safe drinking water but not all places especially the remote areas can have it. They usually get water to drink from deep well, brackish water, or seawater. Those sources of water does not pass the standard that the World Health Organization had set and they are prone to water-borne diseases. So we can say that these areas has a need of advance technology that can help them get rid of diseases due to unsafe drinking water.

When Does Water Needed The Most?

There are always happenings in the world that we cannot foretell. Such are natural disasters and calamities that we are experiencing every now and then. In this cases, water is really insufficient. Water shortage arises. But we cannot for go this kind of problem. There must be a solution.

Ampac Portable Desalinator

Ampac USA designs a desalinator system that can make seawater, brackish water or deep well water into pure and safe water for drinking. They have this advance technology called reverse osmosis that they use in converting dirty water into safe for drinking water in which other companies don’t have. If there is a need or great demand for safe drinking water, especially during natural disasters like great flood and the like, Ampac Portable Desalinator can be your trusted buddy.

What Is Beneficial About Ampac Desalinator?

This portable desalinator is ideal for group of people like military or any other rescue teams during calamities. If there is a power shortage, no need to worry. This portable desalinator can be operated using energy from the sun or any kind of battery such as Car battery or Marine battery. It can turn your dirty water into pure and safe water for drinking. It is very easy to use. No need for a person using this to have special skills to operate. You can use this using your DC (direct current) or AC (alternate current).

Ampac Portable Desalinator does not only convert dirty water into pure and safe water but it also contributes in helping Mother Earth. It is environment friendly and does not harm the ozone layer. You will never regret if you choose Ampac Portable Desalinator. Your money will not be put to trash.

Invest on those things that truly last. Choose Ampac Portable Desalinator. Your friendly buddy always on the go!