A Handy Survival Must Have: Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator

If you are a traveler who loves land and sea adventures, having clean and safe water is a struggle since carrying a large volume of water container with you would be very burdensome. The thirst and the worry of drinking unclean or consuming too much of brackish water would surely take out the fun of the trip.

Knowing the importance of water on our daily travels or adventures, there is already a large population of water system companies that aims to aid consumers with their water problems; from cloudy water up to salty waters, these companies are formulating methods to solve those problems.

One of the most recommended brand for water issues is Katadyn, the company’s units had been in service to many people through providing cleaner water and saving them from harms of contaminated or harmful waters.


The Survivor’s Buddy

Katadyn Survivor units are created to save you from unexpected and unfavorable situations; one of the amazing products under this range is Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator.  This unit is very portable and lightweight making it an efficient travel must have. This small hand operated emergency desalinator is already considered as trusted gears by coast guards, air force, navy, and sailors; they consider this as a perfect and efficient offshore essential amongst others.

How Efficient Is It?

With the many brands that exist in the market, why does the Katadyn brand seem to be one of the most popular? Well, despite being small in size, this handy water desalinator is capable of removing 98.4% of salt in water.

This desalinator is hand operated and has an energy recovery system that would make it easier to pump. It is lightweight, durable, and compact, it is easier to carry compared to other bigger desalinator, but despite being the smallest emergency desalinator in the world, Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator is has been tagged as the most efficient and trusted.

The Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator uses reverse osmosis in dissolving salts from seawaters through filtering it into a semi permeable membrane. There would only be a small amount of water that passes through the membrane while most of the water flows past the membrane and cleaned.

Another advantage of using this desalinator is its easy use, with its recovery system, the pressurized reject water is taken into the back part of the piston to aid the next pump, making it easier to convert and produce salt free water. There are only few water filters that could withstand the salty seas; one of the most recommended is the Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator.