Go Handy With Aquamate Solar Still

Go Handy With Aquamate Solar Still

In Case of Emergency

Natural disasters are everywhere.Typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, tornadoes, tsunamis are examples of calamities that every country is experiencing. Water shortage is rampant everywhere. The need of safe drinking water is very important.

Water Vitality

Water is vital in our everyday life. It serves as a habitat for aquatic organisms but it’s more than that. It is a material that all livings things need in order to live. We can live for a month without eating but we cannot survive a week without drinking water. Water must be in its clean state for we used it in cleaning and as an ingredient in cooking food. Since it is considered the basic need of living things, water must be plentiful and in usable supply.

Water Distillation Process

In order for a water to be usable, it should undergo a process called distillation. Distillation is a process that separates two liquids with different boiling points. A lot of water distillation companies used advanced technology in order for the consumer to have a safe and distilled water to drink. It’s a long process that has to use certain apparatus in order to achieve a 100% safe drinking water.

Go Handy

As we have mentioned earlier, water is very important not just in our everyday lives but most especially when there is a calamity that arises. The need of safe drinking water gives the idea to formulate Aquamate Solar Still. It has been used by the military all over the world for the past forty years.Aquamate is a handy kit that is used to acquire purified drinking water out of sea water or contaminated water. It is so handy that you can bring it everywhere you go.

Aquamate not just helps us in purifying water but it also contributes to our mother nature. No need for electricity in using Aquamate. It uses solar energy or radiation as a tool in collecting purified water out of sea water or contaminated water. Not a single water filter can turn sea water into purified water for in order for a sea water to be pure,we need to distill it to get rid of its saltiness.

We have known some distillation process and reverse osmosis that most water distillation companies use but if we are to compare it to Aquamate, it is not handy and is costly. Aquamate is the perfect partner for everyone’s emergency kit.

How to Use Aquamate

Aquamate is not just handy but is also easy to use. Just grab an Aquamate and fill it with air using your mouth. Fill its membrane with sea water or contaminated water and expose it under the sun, the sun will just do its part. It is also reusable which fits the description of helping Mother Nature. If you are no longer using it, just clean its membrane with clean water let the air go out and keep it for future use.

Aquamate is not just your handy kit but also if you are using Aquamate, it means saving Mother Earth because of its features that uses https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_irradiance and can be reuse.Aquamate is very affordable and easy to use! Grab one now!Go handy with Aquamate Solar Still!