Could Berkey Remove Salt in Water?

As the complaints of fresh water depletions rises, people are finding ways on how to survive the situation.  They look for water systems or methods that would help them get through the drought of potable water. Though the world is made up of huge bodies of water, only few of those waters are safe for consumption.

One of the widely used method is through using what is abundant around us; sea or ocean water. People are turning in to purifying salty waters to supply their need for fresher ones. With the existence and use of innovated technologies, the vast ocean is would be the savior of water scarcity.

Removing salts from water is not that easy, your home water filters might not even be enough to help you in turning that brackish water into crystal clear and potable water. There are two water methods that are widely used, reverse osmosis or desalination and distillation.


Reverse Osmosis and Distillation

Reverse Osmosis had been used for decades, it is a water purification process where with the use of pressure, salty water passes through a semipermeable membrane separating the salt and minerals from the water. Distillation on the other hand is a method where the water is boiled, turned into steam, which if when cooled down for condensation, would produce water in its purest form; during this purification method, salts and minerals are left in the boiling chamber.

Reverse Osmosis or Desalination is not a modern process; it is actually natural occurring and uses the sun to produce potable water. Distillation however is a man-made process which duplicates the said natural process. Despite being tested and proven methods, others still look for more affordable choices since these two would actually cost a little expensive.

Are There Effective Substitutes?

People are most of the time busy with the daily hassles they need to accomplish and are on a tight budget most of the time, finding an affordable remedy has actually become a daily hunt. With water problems getting bigger, the rise of filter companies also increases. Water Filters seems to be a hit for those who want to have potable and abundant source of water for their home, though it might cost an amount, it is not as expensive as doing it the old school method.

One of the most popular filters trusted by many homes is the Berkey Water Filter. It is efficient in cleaning the water leaving it 99.99999% free of contaminants and harmful bacteria. However, despite being able to convert even the gloomiest water, the Berkey Water Filters could only withstand lower rate of salt water especially sea or ocean waters.