How to Turn Salt Water into Drinking Water

It is no news that fresh water sources are getting scarcer by the minute. The demands for more water supplies are increasing in many parts of the world, regardless of the climate and weather conditions. It has become an important issue to tackle and it has been getting more attention each day.

Indeed, it is an issue that concerns us all. We all need fresh water to survive and we should all be anxious when the day comes that we won’t have anything clean to drink. The need for freshwater is worldwide and there is no doubt that this concern will go on for years.

salt water

Many areas are simply dry throughout the year. Unfortunately, they are not blessed with enough fresh water resources. It’s a larger problem than not having a refreshing view of a cool river or a revitalizing lake. Because of this, studies have been made to find alternative water resources.

Perhaps you would think that boiling dirty water will make it potable. Well, it can be considered as an alternative, but this procedure is not enough to sustain millions of people. This can be done per family, but what we need right now is a sustainable and efficient method to answer the demands for clean drinking water. Thanks to the science, we can now rely on saline water.

What is Saline Water?

Some areas that are abundant in saline water have come up with the solution to make it drinkable. Saline water contains a significant amount of dissolved salts. In layman’s term, it is called salt water. The concentration level is expressed as parts per million (ppm). For a quick comparison as to the concentration levels, ocean water has approximately 35,000 ppm of salt while fresh water has less than a thousand.

What is Desalination?

Turning saline water to freshwater is not new technology. The simple act of getting seawater to boil in a pan is desalination itself. It is an ancient method used by our ancestors to treat water. Many cultures have used this procedure to turn sea water into potable drinking water.

We don’t notice it, but it also happens in nature without human intervention. The hydrologic cycle is responsible for this phenomenon. This basic process happens when the sun sends energy that causes water from lakes, streams, and oceans to evaporate. From these surface sources stem the water vapor that combines with cooler air and condenses up again to produce the lovely dew or rain. From this we derive that a similar yet artificial process can be done to acquire clean drinking water. All we need to do is heat and cool it.

Three Simple Ways to Desalinate Water

Old folks would say that you can put all the salt that you want in the soup, but you can’t get it out once it is there. This isn’t the case in desalination. Let’s have a simple rundown on some ways on how to remove salt from saltwater.

Boiling Water in a Pot on a Stove

Take a Pyrex or metal cup and a large pot with a lid. Make sure that all materials are safe to be in contact with heat. Do not use plastic. Fill the pot with salt water until the level of the mouth of the glass, but make sure not a drop goes into it or else the whole method is ruined. Cover the pot with the lid upside down centering the handle of the lid on the glass. Make sure the pot is completely covered. Wait for the water to boil over low heat. After 20 minutes, the water becomes pure vapor and it drips right to the glass. After a few minutes of cooling, you can enjoy your fresh water!

Coastal Survival 101

Interestingly, another method of turning salt water into fresh water can be done when you are stranded in which case your life raft can have another use as a lifesaver. Take the gas bottle from your raft and fill it with sea water then attach the bottle’s hose to the leak stopper’s end. Plug the other end of the stoppers to the top of the gas bottle. Make sure it is properly sealed before you bury the hose under the sand. Find a clean container to catch the water from the end of the hose. After you make a fire, position the bottle above the flame to bring it to a boil.

Solar Desalination

This method is also similar to the last one, but what you will need are a clean large bowl and a smaller container. You also fill the larger container with saline water and place the smaller container on the center. Tightly seal the bowl with a plastic wrap. Place some weight on the center of the plastic wrap. A stone will do. This will make a dip on the center that will allow the fresh water to trail into the smaller container in the center. Condensation happens when you expose it to direct sunlight. Fresh water will form after a few hours and it will drip from the plastic wrap into your empty container at the center. This simple approach is also called solar still, solar plant, or plastic sheeting.

To sum up the processes, they are actually merely evaporation and collection. This information is very vital because of the water crisis that our world is currently experiencing. As more and more people are born every day, the percentage of water shortages all around the globe also increases. In the more arid areas of the world, this information should be spread like wildfire. Many health problems arise from the lack of potable drinking water. This should be given much attention.

As ordinary citizens, it is our duty to work towards having clean water to drink. A simple act such as sharing this information to our family and friends can help promote desalination as a resource of clean drinking water and as a means of preventing water shortage and health problems. Turning saline water to freshwater is not as hard as you think. Hopefully, this article has helped you learn how to do it the simplest way possible.

Could Berkey Remove Salt in Water?

As the complaints of fresh water depletions rises, people are finding ways on how to survive the situation.  They look for water systems or methods that would help them get through the drought of potable water. Though the world is made up of huge bodies of water, only few of those waters are safe for consumption.

One of the widely used method is through using what is abundant around us; sea or ocean water. People are turning in to purifying salty waters to supply their need for fresher ones. With the existence and use of innovated technologies, the vast ocean is would be the savior of water scarcity.

Removing salts from water is not that easy, your home water filters might not even be enough to help you in turning that brackish water into crystal clear and potable water. There are two water methods that are widely used, reverse osmosis or desalination and distillation.


Reverse Osmosis and Distillation

Reverse Osmosis had been used for decades, it is a water purification process where with the use of pressure, salty water passes through a semipermeable membrane separating the salt and minerals from the water. Distillation on the other hand is a method where the water is boiled, turned into steam, which if when cooled down for condensation, would produce water in its purest form; during this purification method, salts and minerals are left in the boiling chamber.

Reverse Osmosis or Desalination is not a modern process; it is actually natural occurring and uses the sun to produce potable water. Distillation however is a man-made process which duplicates the said natural process. Despite being tested and proven methods, others still look for more affordable choices since these two would actually cost a little expensive.

Are There Effective Substitutes?

People are most of the time busy with the daily hassles they need to accomplish and are on a tight budget most of the time, finding an affordable remedy has actually become a daily hunt. With water problems getting bigger, the rise of filter companies also increases. Water Filters seems to be a hit for those who want to have potable and abundant source of water for their home, though it might cost an amount, it is not as expensive as doing it the old school method.

One of the most popular filters trusted by many homes is the Berkey Water Filter. It is efficient in cleaning the water leaving it 99.99999% free of contaminants and harmful bacteria. However, despite being able to convert even the gloomiest water, the Berkey Water Filters could only withstand lower rate of salt water especially sea or ocean waters.

Importance of Desalinating Your Water

With the environmental changes the keeps on occurring, it seems that fresh water sources are depleting but the demand for water supply kept on increasing as the population grows. With all the issues that human are facing each day, it is no surprise that one of them is getting fresher water to consume.

Water is a crucial need that every human requires to have every day; it is something we need to survive. Getting lesser amounts of water every day or even just finding it hard to have cleaner source of fresh water should be something we need to be worried of, just imagine the depletion as time passes. Despite the fact that the world is graced with 70% of water, only few percentage of it is not salt water, so what should we do?

water desalination

What is Water Desalination

Desalination of water means removing minerals from saline water. It is a process where salt water is desalinated to produce fresh water suitable for human consumption and for other uses that needs fresh waters like irrigation system.

Conversion of seawater into potable water is widely used around the world, it used to be the process uses reverse osmosis through thin film composite membrane. But due to modernization, there are already improvements on the process, more efficient membranes, pumps and pressure vessels, and energy recovery.

How It Goes

The main process used in desalination is reverse osmosis.  The salty water is pushed against semi permeable membranes in a continuous flowing manner. As the water permeates, most of the water impurities are removed so as the 99% of salt.

Looking at how the method has evolved through thorough studies, the problem of sparse amount of potable water can be gradually solved through sea desalination. There are hundreds of water systems that produce cleaner and potable water for municipalities, business ventures, ships, and others just with the use of seawater desalination.

Advantages of Using Saltwater Desalination

The method has existed for so long, it is already considered as proven and effective; as the modernization updates the process, the result of which is more potable water. There is also a wide range of water resource since the water to be used are see and ocean waters, despite of drought, there would still be water supply ready for desalination and disinfecting; so there would be unlimited supply of fresh water for consumption or for your crop’s growth. Since there are only limited fresh waters on Earth, it is best to preserve it in any way that we can, so it is such an advantage to have a system that would produce fresh waters without the need of using all the existing fresh water we have.

A Handy Survival Must Have: Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator

If you are a traveler who loves land and sea adventures, having clean and safe water is a struggle since carrying a large volume of water container with you would be very burdensome. The thirst and the worry of drinking unclean or consuming too much of brackish water would surely take out the fun of the trip.

Knowing the importance of water on our daily travels or adventures, there is already a large population of water system companies that aims to aid consumers with their water problems; from cloudy water up to salty waters, these companies are formulating methods to solve those problems.

One of the most recommended brand for water issues is Katadyn, the company’s units had been in service to many people through providing cleaner water and saving them from harms of contaminated or harmful waters.


The Survivor’s Buddy

Katadyn Survivor units are created to save you from unexpected and unfavorable situations; one of the amazing products under this range is Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator.  This unit is very portable and lightweight making it an efficient travel must have. This small hand operated emergency desalinator is already considered as trusted gears by coast guards, air force, navy, and sailors; they consider this as a perfect and efficient offshore essential amongst others.

How Efficient Is It?

With the many brands that exist in the market, why does the Katadyn brand seem to be one of the most popular? Well, despite being small in size, this handy water desalinator is capable of removing 98.4% of salt in water.

This desalinator is hand operated and has an energy recovery system that would make it easier to pump. It is lightweight, durable, and compact, it is easier to carry compared to other bigger desalinator, but despite being the smallest emergency desalinator in the world, Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator is has been tagged as the most efficient and trusted.

The Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator uses reverse osmosis in dissolving salts from seawaters through filtering it into a semi permeable membrane. There would only be a small amount of water that passes through the membrane while most of the water flows past the membrane and cleaned.

Another advantage of using this desalinator is its easy use, with its recovery system, the pressurized reject water is taken into the back part of the piston to aid the next pump, making it easier to convert and produce salt free water. There are only few water filters that could withstand the salty seas; one of the most recommended is the Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator.

Brackish to Fresh Water – MIT and Jain Invention

There is more salty ground water than fresh and drinkable ones, despite advancements, there are still rural areas that are unfortunate of not having electric powered desalination plants that would provide them with drinkable water. When drought comes or circumstances happen where water seems to be in small volume or a little impossible, MIT and Jain Irrigation System developed a method that will surely be of great help to everyone.

MIT invention

Why Is It Important to Desalinate Salty Water

Though the harmful effect of drinking high level of salted water does not happen immediately, especially when you are taking in too much and regularly, the long term effect of it would be dangerous.

The most common early side effects of consuming salty water is dehydration, dry mouth, rapid palpitation of the heart, and lower blood pressure. You might also feel dizzy most of the time or suffer severe headaches. Higher amount of intake might also result to vomiting, loss of appetite and consciousness, or even having blood on your stool.

It is important for one to know the harm of consuming higher dose of salty water, long term danger would damage your kidney and it might be harder to produce urine since there is less usable water inside of your body. Severe dehydration could also result to seizures and even death if not acted upon immediately.

Salty No More

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) together with Jain Irrigation System developed a method that would produce clean drinking water using brackish waters.  With the use of the sun’s benefit, places with less water or rural areas would be able to enjoy drinkable water minus the salt and contaminants.

The solar powered machine is capable of dissolving and diminishing the salt out of the water, other than giving you cleaner tasting water, the machine could also disinfect the water and get rid of contaminants to make it drinkable and usable for irrigation; this is made possible by ultraviolet rays.

So how does electrodialysis work? It bypasses stream of water in between electrodes that has opposite charges, since salt in water is compounded with positive and negative ions, the electrodes will pull the ions out of the water and then produces clean water free from salt.

This method or machine is also known as a “photovoltaic-powered electrodialysis reversal system”, this is known due to its low-energy consumption that would work great on rural areas or undeveloped societies. Despite being low cost, this is environmentally sustainable and reliable to produce useable water for consumption or for agricultural purposes.

Ultimate Life Saver: Survival Still Emergency Water Purifier

Emergencies are situations that send immediate danger to property, environment, health, and life.  These unexpected situations need urgent action to prevent further damage, however, there are minor or major emergencies that paralyses and affects human’s source of their needs;  calamities, disasters, and even blackouts.

One of the crucial needs of a human being that is usually affected during these emergencies is water; Calamities and even a simple blackout could paralyze or slowdowns the supply of clean water. Most of the countries’ water suppliers depend on body of waters as their source, when calamities struck, dirt and contaminants from land are washed into the bodies of water.

Knowing that these situations are real and out of our control, The Survival Still Emergency Water Purifier was created to help you during those times.


Why Do You Need a Survival Still

Survival Still Emergency Water Purifier will provide you clean water regardless of the situation, it is considered to be an emergency purifier that would operate without the need of electricity. This purifier will save you and your family from further harm like illnesses on times of famine or long duration of power shortage; this will clean tap water and waters from bodies of water and turn it into crystal clean water safe for drinking.

Since it does not need electricity, it is more reliable than other purifiers. Survival Still Emergency Water Purifier is recommended by FEMA and Red Cross as the most efficient and effective purification system that are proven to provide pure water even on events of hurricane, typhoons, drought, power failures, and many man-made or natural disasters. As the company’s slogan goes, “The Survival Still is a new emergency water purifier that is so effective it can turn ocean water into high-purity drinking water, forever!”

How It Will Help You

The Survival Still Emergency Water Purifier is a non-electric emergency water purifier that would serve you even on extreme circumstances; it is designed to purify tap, fresh, or salt water. Health professionals and first aid responders could also benefit from this water purifying system, it requires not much of space and is even portable and and good to-go.

The Survival Still Emergency Water Purifier does not need filter, its components are heavy duty and high-end, it is made from stainless steel and does not have parts that need to be set up, it is compact and ready to be used anytime and anywhere. Its ability is not limited on land situations; it could also help you even if you are unfortunately stuck on the middle of the ocean, it could purify even saltiest water.

Waterwise Distillers Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller

Waterwise Distillers Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller

There is no loss when it comes to being prepared at all times. Any purchase of items that will save you from emergency situations is a good decision. No one can foresee this kind of events that’s why it is best to always be ready. For peace of mind and sure survival during unforeseen circumstances, you should have a Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller.

What is the Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller?

The Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller is an excellent piece of equipment for any household. It is a tool that provides pure water for the whole family despite unpredictable fresh water shortage and power outage. True enough, it is a necessary item that you can already deem as an essential purchase.


This water purifier is manufactures with stainless steel that is durable and reliable. It can be used with a gas burner, wood or coal stove, hot plate, or even open fire. Even with no electricity, it can produce an amazing amount of water enough to last for days. In 72 minutes, you can be provided with 3.2 quartz making it 16 gallons of every day.

At only 12 x 12 inches in diameter, it is a handy tool for power outages and other emergencies. It is not noisy and is easy to clean. It is compact and lightweight at only 9 pounds and its 36-inch food grade tubing is heat resistant. It features a digital timer with an alarm that makes it easy for anyone to operate.


Because it is lightweight and compact, the use of this Waterwise Distiller is not confined in the home. You can bring it on camping and boating trips too. Traveling will be so much safer knowing that you will never run out of clean water for drinking or food preparation. As we all know, through steam, water can be purified. This is exactly the same mechanism that water in this Waterwise 1600 undergoes.

Simply by exposing the Waterwise Distiller over fire, it operates to purify. It is energy-efficient because it doesn’t require electricity. After the process, you can now have clean drinking water that is free from toxins, harmful microbes, and unnecessary minerals. With a product of 16 gallons a day, this doesn’t provide you with a few drops for a meal. It offers large volumes of water that can sustain your whole family and other members of the community when the need arises.

We’ll never know when we run out of conventional power sources. We have to purchase something for our home that will help us make sure that we can survive unfavorable circumstances. But aside from this particular benefit, we need to see to it that we drink purified water each day. There is no room for risks in today’s world. We are all at risk for drinking unsafe water. The Waterwise 1600 Home Water Distiller is not only needed in the face of danger, but also for our every day supply of clean drinking water.

Not Your Ordinary Portable Desalinator

Not Your Ordinary Portable Desalinator

The Need for Safe Drinking Water

Water is known as the universal solvent. But it can also be a source of water-borne diseases that are very rampant in today’s generation. We should always be aware of our health and one way to ensure our health, is by knowing if the water that we are drinking is safe or not. We should know where did it came from and what are the process that it had undertaken.

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Go Handy With Aquamate Solar Still

Go Handy With Aquamate Solar Still

In Case of Emergency

Natural disasters are everywhere.Typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, tornadoes, tsunamis are examples of calamities that every country is experiencing. Water shortage is rampant everywhere. The need of safe drinking water is very important.

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